Computer Vision

Our research group aims to develop translational research and products that enhance millions of people’s lives. Noticing immeasurable real-life problems relating to image, video, and sensory data, we push advancing research on computer vision. Humans are at the crux of our research, epitomized by a wide range of research topics such as face recognition and manipulation, eye gaze prediction, hand gesture recognition, and human behavior understanding. Another complementary strand is to understand the formulation of real-world imagery data, rebuild, and manipulate them, realized by Generative AI research.

To make computer vision algorithms work in real-life scenarios, we identify practical challenges, including data scarcity and data quality degradation, and resolve them via advanced technologies in Few-shot learning and Image/Video Enhancement. We do not limit our research to imagery data but extend our research to cover other sensory data, such as 3D point-cloud, as well as combining vision with other modalities like languages. Our computer vision research, therefore, supplies impactful research and products to enhance human life such as smart mobility and smart surveillance systems, deployed on thousands of smart cars and smart cameras in Vietnam.
The Computer Vision team has helped boost the global visibility of VinAI by establishing a strong collaborator network with prominent researchers all over the world. We achieved substantial research outputs at top-tier AI venues, under a wide range of, but not limited to, the following topics:
- Face recognition and analyses
- Human activity understanding
- Image generation and manipulation
- Few-shot learning
- Image/Video enhancement
- 3D Vision
- Vision and language
- Trustworthy Computer Vision

CV CVPR Top Tier
Clustering Plotted Data by Image Segmentation

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Simple Transferability Estimation for Regression Tasks

Transfer learning has been a widely used technique to adapt a deep learning…

CV ICCV Top Tier
GaPro: Box-Supervised 3D Point Cloud Instance Segmentation Using Gaussian Processes as Pseudo Labelers

Instance segmentation on 3D point clouds (3DIS) is a longstanding challenge in computer…

CV ICCV Top Tier
Conditional 360-degree Image Synthesis for Immersive Indoor Scene Decoration

In this paper, we address the problem of conditional scene decoration for 360-degree…

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Chalmers University of Technology

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Wed, Jan 8 2020 - 03:00 pm (GMT + 7)

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Yonsei University

Deep Learning for Analysis and Reconstruction of 3D Shapes as Point Clouds and Meshes
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